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Board of Directors

James Cook, President, District 3

Steve Craun, District 3

Bob Cruikshank, District 1

Gary Dell, District 2

Paul Gingue, 2nd Vice-President, District 1

John Edd Harris, 1st Vice-President, District 3

Kelvin Hatch, District 2

Jim Houser, District 2

Barbara Nedrow, District 1

Mike Saylor, Treasurer, District 4

Kenny Taylor, Secretary, District 4


Public Director

Tim Riley



Pat Ard, District 4

Vern Buessing, District 4

Jonathan Lamb, District 1

Kevin Satterwhite, District 3

Jessica Slaymaker, District 2


Employed Officers

Mark Carpenter, CEO/Executive Vice-President

Beverly Barnes, Assistant Board Meeting Secretary

Ryan Visneski, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer