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Premier Select Sires Inc. Board of Directors’ Stance on the Select Sires Unification Plan:

UPDATE (7.28.21)—As detailed in the message below (published 6.1.21), The Premier board of directors unanimously rejected a proposal for the six member cooperatives that own Select Sires Inc. to consolidate into one entity by a process called Unification. If all five remaining cooperatives voted in favor of Unification, those five organizations would unify without Premier’s participation, and Premier would become a “cooperative member” of the unified organization.

Another large owner of Select Sires joined Premier in voting against the Unification plan. Based on the predetermined conditions of the vote that all five of the remaining entities must approve, Unification no longer has enough support to continue.

As they have from the introduction of the unification concept, the Premier board remains committed to staying true to our cooperative values while seeking viable opportunities for growth and development. Thank you for your patronage as we look towards the future together.

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A Message from the Premier Board of Directors (Released 6.1.21)

As a result of a recommendation of the Select Sires Inc. Board of Directors, five of the six member cooperative boards have voted to recommend that the member cooperatives unify into Select Sires to form a single, nationally-directed entity.  The Premier Select Sires board of directors has unanimously voted against this proposal as presented. The Premier board has agreed to maintain our autonomy as Premier and continue as a Cooperative Member of the unified Select Sires, even if the other five cooperatives feel that unification is best for their cooperatives.

The Premier Select Sires board of directors and delegates have been deeply involved in evaluating and assessing the Select Sires Federation Unification plan since October 2019.  We have utilized experts in cooperative academia, business consultants, and cooperative legal counsel to help us understand the depth and meaning beyond the talking points, and we have evaluated the meaning within the organizing documents and proposed structure.

With a decision as large and terminal as this, we have also worked with our long-term cooperative legal counsel to revisit what our duties are under our cooperative charter and bylaws as elected representatives sworn to serve our members.

During this year-long process, we offered our perspective and guidance to the exploratory committees that would protect our members’ assets, equity, values, and personnel.   In the end, we felt that the final proposal lacked enough benefit to support or recommend.

At this time, there is not enough common ground to feel confident in the process or to risk the accumulation of value Premier holds on behalf of our members, employees that serve them, and our cooperative as a whole.

We recognize change is inevitable and challenge ourselves, and our leadership, to always strive to create efficiencies, deliver innovative concepts and products, and adapt to our members’ changing needs. We have decided that it is in our members’ best interests to maintain our autonomy and independence, and to keep full control and ownership of our cooperative in the hands of our members.  It is our view that the local cooperative still serves an important role in providing the marketplace protections, accountability, direction, and ability to serve local members through a local perspective.

We wish our five sister cooperatives, All/West, CentralStar, COBA, Mid-America, and Minnesota, the strength and wisdom to make the best decision for their respective organizations, their members, and the dedicated employees who serve them.

We feel strongly that the diverse geographical and member differences are a consideration and arguably what has maintained each cooperative’s unique success, and collective strengths as we’ve worked collaboratively to enhance the Select Sires, Inc. brands.

It is our intention, as the board of directors of Premier, to move forward shoulder to shoulder in support of the Select Sires family as a continued Cooperative Member.  We remain committed to working on behalf of our 14,000+ customers and members across 23 states and our employees that serve them.

On behalf of the board of directors, we thank each of you for your patronage and support of your local cooperative.

-James Cook, Chairman of the Board, Premier Select Sires Inc.