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Today’s dairy producer deserves dedicated, professional help for ensuring the best mating of their animals to top sires.

Select Reproductive Solutions


Allow our highly trained specialists to help you design a customized reproductive program that is right for your herd’s needs.

Technician Service

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Our Reproductive Service Specialists can help you apply a successful breeding program, whether it is animal-by-animal or on a whole-herd basis.


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This revolutionary and user-friendly cow monitoring technology provides accurate, real-time data about cows’ condition and performance.


A Message from the Premier Board of Directors:

UNIFICATION UPDATE (7.28.21)—As detailed in a message released by the Premier board of directors on 6.1.21, The Premier board unanimously rejected a proposal for the six member cooperatives that own Select Sires Inc. to consolidate into one entity by a process called Unification. If all five remaining cooperatives voted in favor of Unification, those five organizations would unify without Premier’s participation, and Premier would become a “cooperative member” of the unified organization.

Another large owner of Select Sires joined Premier in voting against the Unification plan. Based on the predetermined conditions of the vote that all five of the remaining entities must approve, Unification no longer has enough support to continue.

As they have from the introduction of the unification concept, the Premier board remains committed to staying true to our cooperative values while seeking viable opportunities for growth and development. Thank you for your patronage as we look towards the future together.

To learn more, please visit this page.


Premier Select Sires

With more than half a century of experience, Premier Select Sires has become the trusted choice for successful cattle reproductive solutions. We offer a staff of skilled and dedicated professionals, an elite genetic selection with industry-leading fertility, and high-quality herd management products.

Premier Select Sires is a member cooperative that serves dairy and beef cattle customers across 23 states in the United States. It is one of seven member cooperatives forming Select Sires, Inc., North America’s largest and most successful artificial insemination company. We strive to identify and share new opportunities daily through tools and programs based on research and proven successes.

Let us work alongside you to maximize your herd’s genetic potential. We’re committed because we care—your success is our passion!

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Premier Select Sires Training

Premier Select Sires Training

The team of Reproductive Specialists at Premier Select Sires has the expertise and experience to train you to effectively breed your own cows in a short period of time. Trainers are located throughout our sales area, offering AI schools at convenient locations and times for you.

At the end of the three-day school or on-farm training, you will have the skills needed to inseminate your own herd with industry-leading Select Sires semen. Training fees vary by location and time required, but you will find training to be a cost effective investment in your farm’s reproductive success. Visit our training page to learn more!